Annual Sheep and Goat Inventory Update

***** IMPORTANT*****

It has been brought to our attention that a number of members who completed the Inventory last year using a paper form have not received their copy in the post. We have been in contact with DEFRA and they are aware that the forms they posted appear to have gone astray and request that you call the following automated answerphone 03000 600 190 and leave your Holding Number and Postcode to request they send anotherAlternatively you can email them with these details to: The form should reach you within 7-10 days from the date you requested it. The surveys team do understand that this will mean that you may not be able to return your paper copy by the deadline of 31st December and allowances will be made with this in mind for those paper copies.


If you previously made an online return you should have received an email reminder from DEFRA with a link to this year’s form, however if not please contact them using the details above.


Should you have any problems completing the form please call 03000 600 140


All keepers of sheep and goats, including pets, need to complete an Annual Inventory listing the numbers of animals present on each of the holdings that form part of their business on 1st December. It is a statutory requirement to make this return by the 31st December: failure to do so increases the risk of an inspection. The Annual Inventory numbers must also be entered in Part 7 of the Holding Register.