Oil Buying Scheme

  • Friday 27th November – December order submitted this morning. The price for the group this month is 29.9p per litre + vat. Orders placed outside of the scheme would be 31.9p per litre + vat for 1000 litres and 34.5p per litre + vat for 500 litres. Deliveries will commence at the beginning of next week with the urgent orders being dealt with first.


  • Orders for January can be placed from 9am on Friday 20th December.

In February 2018 UTASS took over the management of the Upper Teesdale Oil Scheme which was originally managed in a voluntary capacity by Adam Hearn.

Since taking over the scheme it has gone from strength to strength with over 270 households/businesses benefiting from a 2.5p per litre discount.

  • Membership of the group is FREE 
  • Minimum order amount is 500 litres
  • Orders placed once a month

The scheme covers the area below:

If you are interested in joining the scheme and saving money on your heating oil, please complete the registration form below, alternatively contact the scheme coordinator, Charlotte Fletcher on 01833 641010 or oil@utass.org.