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WE REGRET TRAINING COURSES ONLY RUN WHEN THERE ARE SUFFICIENT NUMBERS  –  links to qualifications appear at the bottom of this page

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Whats on offer from UTASS…..



This training is being planned with training sessions on Thursday, 24th October at 2.30-4pm, followed by a second training session from 11am on the following day, Friday, 25th October.  The NPTC online assessment (theory) will be held that afternoon (from 2pm), with a dipperside assessment being held the following week.

INTRODUCTION TO MINDFULNESS – Tuesday, 3rd September.  Thanks to everyone who came along to this session and especially to June Wainwright for delivering such a insightful, relaxing session.  June’s Yoga class (£20 for 6 weeks) starts again on Tuesday, 10th September from 6-7pm.  Please contact June on 07443 930 321 if you’d like further details.

CANINE FIRST AID was delivered by Registered Veterinary Nurse, Helen Ward from Cleveland Canine First Aid on Friday, 23rd August.  Those attending thoroughly enjoyed the course and if its of interest to you (cost £20 for the 2 hour course), please do get in touch and we’ll try to arrange the next date.

DRYSTONE WALLING TASTER COURSE (£40) was held on Tuesday, 20th August at Woodland, with the Northumbria Dry Stone Walling Association’s instructor.  The Branch have offered to hold another Taster Course at the same venue on Saturday, 19th please let us know if you are interested.


Following the announcement that a third round of funding of £6840 from the Wellesley Trust Fund at The Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland, young people’s driver training is underway, with 3 Lantra 13-15 Tractor Driving courses held in August and two more next month and in October.   Quad Bike training was also held at the end of August.  UTASS is so grateful that this funding will continue for those who most need help.

Feedback from applicants who have accessed this opportunity previously demonstrates how brilliant it has been, providing for Car & Trailer lessons, Car Driving Lessons, Quad Bike, Pre-Test Tractor Training or Lantra 13-15 Tractor Driving.

Although places have been allocated from this latest round of funding, if you’d like to apply, please complete and return the attached application form Vehicle Training Application or forms are available from the UTASS Office to complete

NPTC CERTIFICATE OF COMPETENCE FOR THE TRANSPORT OF LIVESTOCK – CATTLE & SHEEP – assessments ran on Thursday, 23rd May at 2pm at a cost of £75.  Prior registration with the NPTC via UTASS is necessary.

IAgSA BOOK KEEPING TRAINING held on 24th May with 11 trainees.  A second Minding Your Own Business Workshop is now available for trainees to:

Understand Year End Accounts

Recognise Cropping Year -v- Financial Year

Produce Gross & Net Margins and identify the Cost of Production

Produce Cash Flow and Budget Reports


Course held on 18+19 June in Marwood.

BRITISH WOOL SHEARING COURSE 2019 – 19 trainees attended this year’s course at Hill House, Woodland, by kind permission of  John & Fay Hutchinson.  The two courses spanned over 5 days, due to wet weather.

Thanks too to Bill Mason and Brian Copeland for their encouragement and patience and it was excellent to see those who already know how to shear, wanting to learn more and coming along to improve their skills.  Eleven trainees benefited from funding from TAP’s Upskilling Fund and seven from WAP’s Weardale Rural Skills Training.


Funding for Weardale Rural Skills Training

Part funding for eligible Weardale trainees is again on offer.  For this second round of funding from Weardale Action Partnership, to open up opportunities to support the farming community, it is planned that Lantra Abrasive Wheel Machines, NPTC Safe Use of Sheep Dip, NPTC Certificate of Competence for the Transport of Livestock and Managing Medicines will be delivered as well (we have already run “Responsible Use of  Antibiotics”).  Those delivered previously and still on offer are British Wool Shearing, NPTC Rough Terrain Telescopic (2 x 2 day courses booked in May), Lantra Chainsaw, Car & Trailer Lessons, Emergency First Aid and Safe Use of Pesticides.

Please see below for a link to download an application form which also give details of the participant contribution required:


TAP Upskilling, Employability & Discretionary Project – For anyone looking for essential qualifications to enable them to gain employment, whether full or part time, please contact us, in the first instance, or Denise Hopps, Project Officer, who can offer guidance on how to apply to this Teesdale Area Action Partnership (TAP) Fund, managed by Bishop Auckland College.

The is aimed at those in low paid jobs, allowing them to acquire skills/qualifications enabling them to move up the career ladder, change direction or gain additional work in a new sector.  Prospective new employers, looking to engage suitably qualified employees, could also benefit as they can direct potential employees towards the project, if they are lacking relevant qualifications.

For more information please contact Julia Stephenson at UTASS or Denise Hopps, Project Officer, Bishop Auckland College on 01388 443078 (Ext3502) or

What’s happened recently

The Durham Learn pilot online learning project for free IT training, funded by the Department for Education and delivered by Durham County Council ended on 2nd July.  Thanks to Steve Banks for his help with this training.

CMI Level 5 Diploma in Management & Leadership and NVQ Level 5 In Management – with the first session of these monthly sessions over a year long programme being held at UTASS on Wednesday 21st November.

NPTC Trainees attending Telehandler Training, November 2018



Guidance Notes on Transporter Authorisations

UK animal transporter: application for type 1 authorisation

Lantra Chainsaw Maintenance and Cross Cutting

NPTC Safe Use of Veterinary Medicines

NPTC Level 2 Award In Safe Use of Sheep Dips

NPTC Rough Terrain Telescopic 

Lantra Abrasive Wheel Machines

NPTC Safe use of Pesticides

Rodenticides please call our Office to request a copy of the AHDB publication “Rodent Control on Farms” booklet with details of how to access on line training and Lantra assessment, if required.


NPTC Level 2 Award in the Transport of Animals by Road (Short Journeys)  – Cattle & Sheep are classed as one species. Although no training is required, those interested will receive information to prepare beforehand.  Qualification handbook 600/0306/6 states ”This qualification is aimed specifically at people transporting animals over 65Km and up to eight hours in duration, where the journey is in connection with an economic activity”.  COC Transport Animals by Road Schedule

The above qualification ties in with requirements for a business to apply for an Animal Transporter Authorisation for the above journeys, which is free of charge.  This Animal Health and Plant Agency application form needs to be completed and returned to the Welfare in Transport Team at Carlisle and can be obtained from UTASS, or by accessing the link above.

Thank you!

Grateful thanks for the team effort to make young people’s driver training possible – this time recently involving tractors & trailers kindly loaned by Karl, Loraine, Michael & Adam Robinson, Steven & Hannah Hunter and Alison & David Armstrong. Thanks too to all trainers involved with helping young people achieve their vehicle driving ambitions. Jamie & Rosie Finch, Trevor & Amanda Simpson and John & Fay Hutchinson have all recently hosted the Lantra training, as well as at Middleton in Teesdale Mart. In addition, the voluntary help from H & H Staff, community & UTASS Members is much appreciated.