UTASS has access to funding from the Teesdale Action Partnership, managed by Bishop Auckland College, which is available for people aged 16+ living in the Teesdale area. The funding provides the opportunity:-

·         for unemployed people to take training to obtain skills which will help them improve their chance of getting back into employment, or

·         for people employed in low paid jobs to obtain new or additional skills, which will help them to either progress in their present job or find new or additional work.

For example, earlier this year some Teesdale trainees(pictured below) were funded to achieve the NPTC Rough Terrain Telescopic qualification, opening up new job prospects. Assistance may also be available with travel etc, if this is likely to prevent people taking the training. Employers could also benefit directing potential employees who might lack the relevant qualification to this opportunity.

For specific details on the Teesdale project, please contact Denise Hopps, Project Officer, Bishop Auckland College on denise.hopps@bacoll.ac.uk or phone 01388 443078 (Ext 3502) and for general help with signposting please contact Julia Stephenson on julia@utass.org or phone 01833 641010.