TAP Upskilling, Employability & Discretionary Project

For anyone looking for essential qualifications to enable them to gain employment, whether full or part time, please contact UTASS, in the first instance, or Denise Hopps, Project Officer,  who can offer guidance on how to apply to the Teesdale Area Action Partnership (TAP) Upskilling, Employability and Discretionary Project, managed by Bishop Auckland College.

The Upskilling Fund, is aimed at those in low paid jobs, allowing them to acquire skills/qualifications enabling them to move up the career ladder, change direction or gain additional work in in a new sector. Prospective new employers, looking to engage suitably qualified employees, could also benefit as they can direct potential employees towards the project, if they are lacking relevant qualifications.

For more information please contact:

Julia Stephenson, Training Co-ordinator, UTASS, 01833 641010 or julia@utass.org


Denise Hopps, Project Officer, Bishop Auckland College, 01388 443078 (Ext 3502) or denise.hopps@bacoll.ac.uk